7 Amazing Whatsapp Latest Features in 2020

Whatsapp is the most popular and most used online messenger Platform which is used by the Million of peoples across the world. Today we will talk about the Whatsapp Latest features in 2020.

Whatsapp was founded by ‎Brian Acton‎, ‎Jan Koum, and officially launched in January 2009 and now it is owned by one of the most popular social media company Facebook.

Whatsapp develops are trying to make WhatsApp more Advance and with more features. Soon, Whatsapp is also going to Launch Whatsapp Pay which will help you to send or receive money.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an online messenger Platform that is used for communication through the internet and this is an Application that can be used in both iOS and Android devices easily.

Whatsapp is on the 1st position in Online Messenger Platform and it is only available for Android and iOS devices but you can also use WhatsApp on your pc, laptop with the Help of Whatsapp Web.

Whatsapp is getting popular day-by-day and you can easily find this application on every person’s smartphone. In old-time, people use to send letters to there loved ones which takes more than 1 week to reach.

But now time change, with the help of Whatsapp you can easily send messages to your loved ones. Now Whatsapp becomes an important part of our life, you can easily send Text messages, Images, Videos, Stickers, and Audio messages to any person in this world.

Whatsapp Latest Features 2020

Now let’s talk about the Whatsapp Latest Features which you can use freely with the Help of this application. You can send any file with the Help of Whatsapp.

Here are some Whatsapp Latest Features 2020.

Whatsapp Latest Features 202

Whatsapp Stickers

Don’t want to write long messages?

Don’t worry, You can add Various Stickers Packs in your Whatsapp Application and you can send them in place of your text messages. This will make you Chatting funnier and there are lots of stickers available on Whatsapp Itself that will help you will chat.

Sticker packs are also available on Google Play Store, and you are free to add any sticker in your WhatsApp application. You can find various stickers according to you mind and talks which can improve your chatting and will make it funnier.

Whatsapp Status

Users can also add a 30-second Video Image or Text status on their Whatsapp application that can only be shown to your Whatsapp Contacts.

This Whatsapp Status will only available for 24 hours, then automatically it will disappear. You can add your Images, Videos on your status.

Whatsapp Finger Print Lock Feature

Recently, Whatsapp has launched in-app Fingerprint Lock that will secure your WhatsApp. The main device Fingerprint will help you to unlock your WhatsApp. You just need to enable this feature from Whatsapp Settings.

To enable this feature just Go to Whatsapp application settings, Select Privacy and Enable Fingerprint Lock.

This will enable the Fingerprint Lock feature in your Whatsapp account, every time when you will open the Whatsapp application you need to verify your Registered Fingerprint.

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Whatsapp Pin Chat

This Features will help you to pin the Important and Favorite contacts on the Top list of the Whatsapp Chats. Your important chats will go done if you chat with many of your Whatsapp contacts.

Whatsapp Pin chat Features will help you in pinning the Important chats on top in your Whatsapp contact list and you can easily access them. This feature is useful for persons who have more contact in their Whatsapp application.

Whatsapp Calling Feature

Whatsapp also has calling features that will allow you to call your Whatsapp Contacts with the help of the internet. You can make an audio call, as well as, Video call to your love once and it will connect you to with another user with the help of the Internet.

If you have an active internet connection in a smartphone then you can easily call without any sim card with the Help of Whatsapp Application.

Whatsapp Emoji

Many peoples got confused between Sticker and Emoji, Emoji is the small pictorial symbols that indicate the Face expressions and many other things like Fruits and Emotions. Whatsapp has more than thousands of Emoji’s which can you use while chatting.

Emoji will help you in making your chat funnier and you can also send your emotions and Expression with the Help of emojis.

WhatsApp Groups

The Best thing about Whatsapp is that you can create Whatsapp Groups of Your Contact and you can chat with 257 peoples at one time. You can also share Images and Videos on those groups, User can also make there own WhatsApp Groups and can add there Whatsapp contacts.

To make Whatsapp Groups follow these Steps – 

  • Open Whatsapp
  • Click on a 3 Vertical Dots on the Top Right corner
  • Select New Group Option
  • Now Select your Whatsapp Contact that you want to add in this Whatsapp Group
  • Now you can Type the Group Subject and Icon
  • Click on a ✔️mark and Your Group is Now Created.

User can also choose Admin of a Group, Admin can only add and Remove Group members and Can also change the rule of that Whatsapp Group.

Whatsapp Dark Mode

In the Recent Whatsapp Application update, the new feature is added in the list that is Whatsapp Dard Mode. Whatsapp Dark Mode will help you if you are a night Whatsapp user, it will make your eyes relax and you can work perfectly on the Whatsapp.

Night Mode will make your Whatsapp Dark and this will reduce the Light effect on your eyes.

So, these are some Whatsapp Latest Features 2020 and these features will help users to use Whatsapp easily. Users can do plenty of things with the Help of Whatsapp.


Whatsapp is Getting innovative day by day and this will help their user to work comfortably with Whatsapp. Users can send every file like Pictures, Audio, Stickers, Video and Many more thing to there love once.

Today I have Shred the Whatsapp Latest Features 2020 that will help you to know about all the Features of Whatsapp that can be used.

Whatsapp is also developing more advanced features for there users. Users are also loving Whatsapp and Whatsapp is getting popular day by day.


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