Whatsapp Business Latest Features 2020

Hey Buddy! Welcome to another post of Askshruti. So today we will learn about the Whatsapp Business Latest Features 2020. What is Whatsapp Business Latest Features 2020? Or we can learn about Whatsapp Business Latest Features? So we will learn about all these things briefly in this post.

What is Whatsapp Business?

In your last article, we have briefly learned about Whatsapp’s latest features. If you don’t know about the Whatsapp business, Whatsapp business is another version of the Whatsapp and this version is used by the business peoples.

Peoples who use to do Online Business use this version of Whatsapp. If you are also a business person then this version of WhatsApp can we very useful for you. We can see normal features in Whatsapp but Whatsapp business is totally different from the normal version. but some features are the same in both versions.

If you also want to use Whatsapp Business then you can use it as a normal WhatsApp android app. So we will learn about the Whatsapp business features down below.

Whatsapp Business Download 2020

So friends, as I told you that you can use Whatsapp business like normal WhatsApp. You can download Whatsapp normally from the Google Play Store. But many peoples get confused about the Whatsapp Business Download apk. I think the size of Whatsapp Business is Nearly 24mb.

You can download normal official Whatsapp from the play store the same Whatsapp Business can also download from Google Play Store. Now WhatsApp is Operated by Facebook and you can download it for free to use.

Whatsapp Business Latest Features

How to Make a Whatsapp Business Account?

Know its time to make Whatsapp Business accounts on your smartphones. It’s very easy to make this account. Firstly you have to download the Whatsapp Business app from the Play Store and install it. Now open this app on your smartphone.

Now your Mobile number will be asked. Now enter your mobile number on the space given and you will receive OTP on your smartphone. After verifying the OTP it will ask to enter your name and to Add your Profile picture. After following these steps you are ready to use your Whatsapp Business Account.

Whatsapp Business Latest Features 2020

Now we will talk about Whatsapp Business Features. These are all those features that are available on Whatsapp Business. So friends now we will talk about the Latest Whatsapp Business.

I have explained all the features of the Whatsapp Business brief in this article. So read this post carefully.

Whatsapp Business Status features

Whatsapp Business also has Whatsapp status features like normal Whatsapp app. It works the same as Normal Whatsapp. You can update image or 30 seconds videos on the status for 24 hrs on Whatsapp Business too.

Whatsapp Business Chat & Call feature

You will get all the chat features and call features on Whatsapp Business. You can chat with your clients and customers through Whatsapp Business. You can also call your customers and clients in both ways – Video call and Voice call.

Whatsapp Business Settings 2020

This is the most important and best feature of Whatsapp Business 2020. You can update the latest information about your business in this application. To use this Setting just go to Whatsapp Profile Section and you will get a more advanced setting of Whatsapp Business. You will get more features like –

  • Business Profile
  • Catalog
  • Statistics
  • Short Link


Today we learn about the Whatsapp Business Latest Features 2020. You should use this Whatsapp Business android application if you are a business owner. Comment your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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