Top 5 Software’s used to make movies in 2020

Hello friends, welcome to another article of Askshruti. Today we will learn about the Top 5 Software’s used to make movies. There are millions of movie lovers in this world and movies are the big source of Entertainment. Today each and every movie are using VFX.

VFX is the visuals that make movies more entertaining and realistic. Friends, we know that VFX is created with the help of computer Softwares. So, today we will learn about the Top 5 Software’s used to make movies.

About VFX

The Full form of VFX is Virtual Effects or be can say that Virtual Effects short form is VFX. We all know that Movies are using VFX and we also think about how they do that? Creator of the Movies uses VFX to add more creativity to their movies. They can out any type of magic in their movies with the help of VFX software.

Hollywood – I will say it the world of VFX because more than 91% of Hollywood Movies use VFX and this is the main reason that Hollywood movies are famous all across the world.

VFX software helps the creator to add some special effects to the real world and make that realistic.

List of Top Hollywood Movies Which uses VFX and Special Effects at a large scale


I think Avatar was the First movie which uses VFX and special effects at large scale. This movie gets famous all across the world and became the most earned movie. James Cameron directed this movie in 1996. Before making the movies he announced to make the Science friction movie with VFX and Special effect.

But James Cameron does not know that his movie Avatar will become the most popular movie in this world.

Jurassic Park

Did you love Dinosaurs? Then you should watch this movie. This movie also uses high-level VFX and Softwares. In this movie, a man created the Dinosaur’sDNA and make a living Dinosaurs. Then he creates Jurassic Park where people come to visit these Dinosaurs.

This movie is created by Steven Spielberg and also directed by Steven Spielberg. This movie is also famous worldwide and earns a huge amount of money.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

One of my favorite movies, this is also a Science fiction movie. I think you should watch this movie today itself. This movie also uses VFX software and animation on a large scale. The movie action scene is at another level.

This movie is Directed by Dennis Muren and I personally think that this movie is better than Jurassic Park. But I don’t know why people love Jurassic Park then this movie. All the Scenes in this movie is epic.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

I am the biggest fan of Marvel Movies. I always try to watch First Day, the First show of the Marvel movies. All movies of the Marvel contain High-Level VFX which is created with the Help of VFX movie making software.

Recently Marvel has released the Avengers: Endgame movie which became the most popular movie in the world and most earning movies in this world.

Top 5 Software’s used to make movies

Now we will talk about the Top 5 Software’s used to make movies. Above we learned about the Top Movies which used VFX at a high scale. Here I have provided the list of Top 5 Software’s used to make movies.

Software's used to make movies

Final Cut Pro X

This software is specially created for the iOS platform. Final Cut Pro X is the best movie editing software and moviemakers use this software to create VFX in their movies. The interface of this software is very easy and friendly.

  • Platform – Mac
  • Features – Multi-cam Editing, Advance Color Editing
  • Video Track – Unlimited
  • Free trial – 30 days
  • Best for – Professionals and For Beginners

Adobe Premiere Elements 2019

In India, this VFX software released in 2019. Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 is an amazing movie making software with a good user interface. This software can also be used by Youtube and movies makes always use this software in their movies.

  • Platform – Windows and Mac
  • Key Features – Video Editing, Face Detection, and Motion Tracking
  • Video Tracks – Unlimited
  • Free Trial – Yes
  • Best For – All User

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC

This software is mainly for Windows users and Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the most used movie editing software. Many moviemakers use this software to create VFX and youtube also uses this software to edit their videos.

  • Platform – Windows and Mac
  • Features – Multi-cam Editing, 3D Editing
  • Video Tracks – Unlimited
  • Free Trial – Yes
  • Best For – Professionals

Adobe Premiere Rush

This software is best for Smartphone users. Adobe Premiere Rush is mainly designed for Android and iOS users. Many times you cannot edit the videos on the Laptops. In these situations, you can edit your videos on your smartphone itself. It Comes With Advance Motion Editing Feature.

  • Platform – Android and IOS
  • Key features – In-app Motion graphics, 4k Support
  • Free Trial – Free Started Plans
  • Best For – Mobile users.


I personally use this software to edit my videos and this is the best Android app for the Android and iOS users. Most of the YouTubers who don’t have laptops then they can edit their videos on the KineMaster with the help of smartphones.

  • Platform – Android and IOS
  • Key Features – Instant Preview and Smart Effects
  • Free Trial – Free App
  • Best For – All Users

This was the list of Top 5 Software’s used to make movies. If you want to download this software just go to there original website and download this software from there.


Friends Today we learned about the Top 5 Software’s used to make movies. Ther Softwares are amazing and they help the movie creators to make movies amazing. Also please provide your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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