Top 5 cool Gadgets Under Rs.500 on Amazon

Hello Friends, Welcome to another article of Askshruti. There are many tech lovers who always looking for new tech gadgets but they don’t have enough budget to buy these gadgets. Is it possible to buy the latest tech gadgets under Rs 500?

Top 5 cool Gadgets Under Rs.500 on Amazon

It’s not very hard, Here I have provided the list of some Top 5 cool Gadgets Under Rs.500 on Amazon. These tech gadgets provide you with good value for money. You can use these gadgets in your home and office too.

So Friends, Now we will talk about the 5 Cool Gadgets Under Rs 500.

What are the Gadgets?

Gadgets are the small machine or be can say that Gadgets are the special technical instruments which make our work and life easy. They help humans in completing there work easily and on time.

Gadgets can be controlled or can be connected with the help of Smartphones and Laptops. They will provide all the information with the device from which they are connected.

List of Top 5 cool Gadgets Under Rs.500 on Amazon

Here below I have provided the List top 5 cool Gadgets Under Rs.500 on Amazon. You can easily buy these gadgets from Amazon.

Key Chain with NFC Tag – Rs. 329

This is a very useful gadget NFC tag. If you don’t know what is NFC? NFC is also like Bluetooth but in this, you need to touch two NFC supported device with each other to share information. This Key chain with NFC will help you in sharing your information with others like Contact Number, Name, Or Email-id.

The Other person just need to place or touch this Key Chain with its NF supported device and your information will be transferred.

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Waterproof RGB LED Light Strip of 5 Meter with Remote Control – Rs. 319

I personally use this RGB LED light, this is amazing LEd. You can also control the LED through Remote Control Provide with this Light. You just need to Install the light where you want it.

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Pull Light – Rs. 449

The is an amazing flashlight in the form of Bulb. You just need to pull the thread of these gadgets and it get switch on. This is powerful flashlight contains bulbs and powered by 3 AAA batteries. This is a very helpful gadget for home use and for office use too. The price of the Pull light is Nearly Rs. 449 and can easily be installed.

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Mi Basic Wired Earphones – Rs. 399

If you want to spend money on something which you use daily then these earphones are perfect for you. These are Mi Wired earphones with very good sound quality and them very useful too.

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Super Classic Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug with Lid – Rs. 289

If you are a photographer or a youtube then this gadget is for you. This is Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug and this is amazing gadget o make your friends fool. This mug comes with the Lid and you can fill your coffee or tea in this mug. A camera lens is very expensive and if you are using them as your coffee mug then this is amazing.

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So friends, today I have shared the Top 5 cool Gadgets Under Rs.500 on Amazon. You can but these gadgets and can make your life easy and fast. Also, provide your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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