7 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Online Classes in India 2020

Want to teach students through Online classes but don’t know about Video Conferencing apps?

Then don’t worry, Today I am sharing a list of 7 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Online Classes in India 2020. Teachers can Download these Video Conferencing Apps and can host their online classes at free of cost.

COVID-19 is affecting all over the world, all the colleges and schools are closed and the government is also providing instruction to host online classes for the students by which Students can cover their studies.

These days Online Video Conferencing apps are getting popular day-by-day, all the schools and colleges are hosting online classes for there students. But teachers are facing is choosing the right Online video conferencing apps for the Online Classes.

That’s by, I have provided the Detailed guide about the Best Video Conferencing Apps for online classes.

What are Video conferencing apps?

Video conferencing apps are the Application which is used to host the Conference among two or more peoples at a time. These apps use your Device Mic and Camera, to display your face or voice on the Conference.

These Apps are used to host the Video Conference, the user can add people and can share views or information at a time for many peoples.

These apps are getting popular because of the coronavirus and students are taking online classes with the help of these apps. Video conferencing can be done with the help of these apps and an active internet connection.

There are many video conferencing apps available on the Google Play Store but all of them do not provide services well.

Best Video Conferencing Apps for Online Classes in India 2020

Now here is the list of the Top Video Conferencing application for online classes in India. Teachers can easily download these applications from the Play Store for free.

Video conferencing apps


Zoon is the most popular video conferencing app for online classes, as a lockdown started in India the Students and Schools have started taking online classes on this application.

Zoom get popular as lockdown started because of COVID-19 in India. Schools and Colleges started there online classes for students with the help of Zoom Application. Zoom app helps the host to share its computer screen with all the members for the Conference.

The host has to provide the Meeting id and password to the people whom host want to add on the Video Conferencing. The User can host the Video conference of 100 people at a time.

If you are using the free version of this application then you can host the Video conference only for 40 min per day. If you want to continue then you need to pay some charges.

Features – 

  • Audio / Video at a time
  • Screen Sharing
  • 100 members at a time
  • Free / Premium


Hangout is a video conferencing app that is designed by Google and this app also provides the Video call Service. Teachers are not recommending this app for educational purposes because this app has the limit of 10 users at a time of Video conferencing.

Hangout is the best app for hosting a meeting with 10 people at a time, the host can share screen and camera at a time. Host and Members can share text messages and File while the Video Conference and this is the best feature of the Hangout.

Hangout doesn’t have any server problem because the is a product of Google and users will not find any difficulty while using the application.

Features – 

  • Screen Sharing
  • up to 10 Members Max
  • Fast and reliable
  • Text and file sharing

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Google Meet

As Google releases the drawbacks of Hangout, he created one more Videon conferencing app name as Google Meet. Google meet is specifically designed for Online Video Conferencing and this app is launched at the time of Coronavirus.

Colleges and schools started using this app as Zoom get banned by the Government of India for Security reasons. Google meet was the best alternative to the Zoom app. People started to make Video conference through Google Meets.

Users can share their screen and Camera at a time, and members of the Conference can also talk to each other with the help of text messages.

To Start a Video conferencing you just need to click on Start meeting, then you can share or Invite the peoples to join your Video conferencing. The app is available free of cost and users can do unlimited meetings on this app.

Features – 

  • Unlimited Meeting Time
  • Up to 100 members
  • File Sharing

Google Duo

Google Duo is a Famous Video conferencing app, this app is also created by Google. This is a simple video calling app and a user can add 12 members at a time. This app is only created for Video calling but peoples are using it as a video-conferencing application.

This app is Small in size and the quality of Video calls it very good, you can see the caller easily. The Best feature of this app is that you can record messages and video calls directly form this application.

To add more members in the Video call can also provide them an invite link. You can invite your friends and another member with the link that you can send on Whatsapp or as a text message.

Features – 

  • Record Messages
  • up to 12 members
  • Secure

Skype Meet

As we know, Skype is a video calling app and most trusted video calling app. Recently, Skype has launched Skype meet which is useful for video conferencing and for online studies. The are many features that are available in this application.

The user can host the Video conference of up to 50 members and they can conference without any time limit. You can also record the video call for the Future and people can also talk to each other with the help of text messages.

The best feature of this app is that you can also share your presentations with the other members of the Video conference and this is no limit to the Conference.

Features – 

  • No time limit
  • up to 50 members
  • User can share presentations
  • Record Calls

So this was the List of Video conferencing application that can be used for Online classes. Students and Teachers can easily use them. Some of them provide free of cost services and some ask for small chargers.


Due to covid-19, schools and colleges are closed and teachers are giving online classes for the student. But selecting the right app is difficult. That by I have shared this list of 7 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Online Classes in India 2020, which will help you in choosing the Right Conferencing app.


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