5 Best Personal Voice Assistant Apps for Android 2020

Peoples are now getting aware of Artificial Intelligence and they are also using it in there daily life. Personal Voice Assistant Apps are the best example of AI in Smartphones.

These Voice Assistant Apps are Making life easier and fun, you need to call your mom without touching your smartphone just call you Voice assistant and Say “Call Mom”, Now Call will be placed automatically.

You can Make these apps your assistant and they will do your smartphone’s task while you are relaxing in your Bed. AI is Making Machinery Smart and Intelligent. Smartphone’s and other Gadgets are also using AI to Give the Best Experience to there Users.

Today We will talk about the 5 Best Personal Voice Assistant Apps for Android 2020, these Apps will help you to perform your Phone’s Take with your Voice without Touching Your smartphone.

What is Voice Assistant Apps?

Voice Assistant Apps are the Android Applications which performs Phone’s Task on your Voice Commands, User can command the Smartphone for a Task. These Apps work on the Basis of AI and also Process the Command which is given by the User.

There are Hundreds of Voice Assistant Apps are available in the Google Play Store but We have tested each application and then created the List of Best Voice Assistant Apps 2020. These apps are available for Free on the Play store.

If you are searching for the Siri in this List, then you will not find it Because of Siri is only available for Apple Users. Siri is also a Best Voice Assistant App and it can perform also the Test like Sending Messages, Mail, etc.

Top Personal Voice Assistant Apps for Android 2020

Now here I have Shared the Detailed List about the Best Personal Voice Assistant Apps. If you are an Android User you will Get the inbuilt Voice Assistant that is Google Voice Assistant.

5 Best Personal Voice Assistant Apps for Android 2020

Google Assistant (Ok Google)

Google Assistant is a Most Advanced AI Voice Assistant and it is My Favorite Voice Assistant App. Google Assistant has Millions of features like Continue Conversations, Smart Home, Voice Active Commands, Etc. Google Assistant app can also be Connected through other Smart Gadgets like Google Home, Smart Light, Smart Watches, Smart TV, etc.

Google - Personal Voice Assistant Apps
Gif Image Credit – Pinterest

To Launch Google Assistant you just need to press the Home button for 1-2 Second and Google Assistant Will Launch in Your Smartphone. Google Assistant is Developed by Google and we all know that Google Use to Work in the Feild of AI.

Google Assistant Provides you relevant and accurate information, it also provides information through Voice. Google Assistant is a Great Competitor of other AI voice assistant apps like Siri, Alexa, etc. If you are not an Android user and want to use Google Assistant then You can download this app for free from your App Store.

Amazon Alexa (Hey Alexa)

Alexa is another Best Personal Voice Assistant App which is Developed by the Amazon. It Second Most Popular Voice Assistant App in India, and many Voice Assistant Gadget is also Available in which you can use Alexa like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, etc.

Alexa - Best Personal Assistant Apps 2020
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Alexa is Launched in 2014 and it can connect with the Smart Home Devices. It also provides the Information and can perform all the Task Like Make a Call, Play Music, Play Video, Etc.

The main feature of this Voice Assistant is that it can also book the products from the Amazon and You can even track your Package with the Help of Alexa.

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Microsoft Cortana (Hey Cortana)

Cortana is Developed by Microsoft and it is another Most popular Voice Assistant App which can be accessible in only Windows. This Voice Assistant app is developed for the PC or Laptop, it helps to perform tasks like Play songs, Open files in Computers.

Cortana Virtual Assistant
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Cortana is mainly developed for the Personal Computer. If you want to use this Virtual Assistant then you can download the Cortana app from the Google Play Store for Free. This Virtual Assistant Learns itself and cam perform the task like Set Reminder, To-do List, etc.

This Assistant is Recommended for the Peoples who use Microsoft Products like Windows, Windows Laptops, etc. Cortana is not to Famous In the Indian Market and it came 2 – 3 years ago.

Samsung Bixby (Hi, Bixby)

Bixby is Another Personal Voice Assistant App which is Developed by Samsung for the Samsung Devices. This app can perform all the Tasks in the Device like Play Music, Voice Search, Set Alarm, Play Videos, etc. We all know Samsung is also a famous Smartphone manufacturing company.

samsung bixby virtual assistant 2020
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This App has launched in 2019 and users can also control the Devices with this assistant if they are connected with the other Samsung Devices. If you have the Samsung device then you can easily access it.

Bixby can control all the functions of the Samsung smartphones, user can also make a call, Search anything, PLay songs, open apps, etc. If you want to Use this Assistant in your Android Smartphone then you can download the Bixby app from the Google Play Store.

Hound (Hi, Hound)

Hound is upcoming AI-Based Personal Voice Assistant app that is developed by the Soundhound, This is an Advance Voice Assistant that helps you to Book Hotels, Tickets, Play Songs, Navigation, etc. Currently, it’s only available for the Citizens of the U.S.

Hound Voice Assistant app 2020

This Apps also has Features like Integrated Calculator, Play games, Money Transfers, etc. This app will be available in India in 2021.

So this was the List of Best Personal Voice Assistant Apps for Android 2020. These apps can be found on the Google Play store for Free. These Personal Voice Assistant apps work on AI and make your life easy.


Upcoming Era is an Era of AI, Now Peoples has stated to learn AI and to Work with AI. Personal Voice assistants apps are the best example of AI. These Apps Help us to do our Work Easily and Fastly. Users just need to Give a Voice Command to these Assistant and After that, they Perform the Command given by the User.

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